Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wise words: Time - there can always be enough

This last few days I have been musing on the nature of time.

Big, lofty subject I know.  But we are all preoccupied with it.  On how many occasions do you say that there aren't enough hours in the day, or that you don't have time to do x, y or z?  I know that I say it too, too often.

Golfie Pie asked me the other day why I hadn't made any pudding today, why it was just shop bought biscuits for pudding.  'I haven't had time,' I replied crossly.

'Why haven't you sewed my slipper socks, Mummy, when I asked you to yesterday?' asked Honey Pie the other day. 'Oh, I've just been too busy, honey' I replied, again crossly.

And then there are the courgette and cucumber pickles that need making, piled up in the fridge ready for over a fortnight now.  And the kitchen that needs cleaning, and the books that I want to read, and the loft to sort out, and the garage which is such a tip.  The brassicas which need planting at the allotment, the pruning in the back garden, the shearing in the front garden.  The recipes, neatly page tagged and logged at the back of my mind.  The car insurance to renew.  The conservatory to sort out and tidy up, the sofa to buy. Lists ad infinitum.

And most of all, the blog to write.

I so enjoy writing my blog - so why has it been so long since I last did so?

It's that myth again.  I don't have time.  There aren't enough hours in a day.

Well, I think it's time (!) I stopped using that excuse. the other week I was speaking to a very wise friend of mine and I said to her that she wouldn't have time to grow any vegetables, having four children and running a business.  Oh, she said.  I try not to use that excuse.  You can always make time for what needs to be done.

Well, you know those moments when a little bell rings in your head, and your vision clears, and it feels like a renaissance moment?  That was one of those times.  You can be anywhere when these moments strike, when the scales fall from your eyes, and a profound truth is uttered.  That's what it felt like, just for a moment.

Now, I have been thinking about this ever since.  She is so right.  How come I have time to sit on the sofa and look into space for ten minutes?  How is it I have time to lie in bed that extra half an hour on a morning, instead of getting up before everyone else and getting on with something?  And all the other things that I waste my time doing instead of something I actually want to get on with.

So these are my thoughts.  Will I actually act on them?  I always find that part a lot harder.  It's easy to know the truth, but much harder to act on it.

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